OpenVPN Server offer details

OpenVPN Server is a VM offer that we provide on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. this page contain details about that offer.

OpenVPN is the most popular way to create a VPN server but it is not easy to install, so we have created a VM image that comes with a “.sh” file that will run every time you log on.


  • This VM image has the following TCP port opened by default 22 “SSH port” and also the UDP port 1194 “VPN port” is opened.
  • It is better to create the VM with a “static” public ip.
  • We have made a very simple VM image that will start the VPN server configuration. ones you are logged in
  • You can go with the defaults but it is best to set the DNS Server to to google.
  • If you go with default settings the VPN data will be saved in the /root/client.ovpn , so just type “sudo cat /root/client.ovpn” and copy everything to your PC.

If you need any help about this offer you can add comment in this page and we will reply you ,”we will not Publish what you asked the support for”, or you can email us at [email protected]

We will update this page whenever we update the offer or whenever we see the offer needs more details

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