Wordpress Scale-Set

Leverage the power of scalable WordPress hosting with our Azure Application Offer: WordPress Scale-set. Designed for businesses and individuals seeking the flexibility to grow their online presence, our solution effortlessly scales to meet your site's demands, ensuring seamless performance, even during traffic surges. Our WordPress Scale-set takes the hassle out of managing your website's infrastructure, letting you focus on what matters most—creating impactful content and engaging with your audience. Built on Azure's robust cloud platform, it offers high availability, robust security features, and seamless integration with Azure services, making it the ideal choice for those looking to optimize their WordPress site's performance and security. Key Features: Scalability: Automatically scales your WordPress resources to match your site's traffic, ensuring optimal performance at all times. High Availability: Ensures your website remains online and accessible, even du

Wordpress on Windows

XAMPP-powered WordPress Deployment and Management VM Description: Deploy and manage your WordPress website effortlessly with our Azure Marketplace offering. Our solution integrates XAMPP, a powerful tool, to streamline your WordPress deployment and includes phpMyAdmin for easy database management. This offering is optimized for Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Azure Edition and ensures a seamless experience for WordPress hosting. Key Features: Streamlined WordPress Deployment: Utilize XAMPP for a hassle-free setup of your WordPress site. Efficient Database Management: Manage your databases with ease using phpMyAdmin. Optimized for Windows Server 2022: Experience the reliability and performance of the Azure Edition. Quick Start Guide: Accessing Your VM: Simply copy and paste the VM's public IP into your browser to get started. Database Configuration for WordPress: Default Database Name: test (Option to create more via phpMyAdmin) Default Username: root (Option to create additional

Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter notebook is the name of a VM offer that we provide on Microsoft Azure and AWS , this page contains informaion about that offer Our 'Jupyter Notebook/Lab' VM offering provides a robust, flexible, and user-friendly environment for data scientists, AI/ML professionals, and researchers. Leveraging the power of Azure's cloud infrastructure, this solution is tailored to meet the demands of high-level data analysis, machine learning model development, and scientific computing. Key Features: Integrated Jupyter Environment: Experience the modern, extensible JupyterLab/notebook interface, enabling seamless multitasking with a modular layout for notebooks, text editors, terminals, and data visualization tools. Comprehensive Toolset: TensorFlow & PyTorch: Dive into deep learning with these powerful libraries, ideal for building and training neural networks. Scikit-learn: Access a wide range of algorithms for classical machine learning tasks, from data preprocessing to mo

RHEL with GUI Offer Details

RHEL 9.2 (LVM) with GUI is VM offer that we provide on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, this page contains information about that offer. RHEL is the best Linux environment, the simplest and the most secure, sadly in the clouds (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, etc) there's no GUI (Graphical User Interface) for RHEL, So we've decided to try to make a RHEL VM with a GUI and Configure it with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) so you can use RHEL with Graphical User Interface. Important notes: The recommended remote desktop clients are remmina "for linux" and mRemoteNG "for windows" the default windows client is not recommended unless you set it with the smaillest display and the lowest color depth This image doesn’t need a GPU but you will need at least 2 cores and 8 GB ram, DON'T FORGET TO REGESTER YOUR VM You must ssh to the server using the user you configured when you created the VM and give yourself a password using the command ($ sudo passwd “

Minecraft Server Offer Details

Minecraft Server is a VM offer that we provide on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. this page contain details about that offer. We have been able to make a minecraft server that well start the deployment once you ssh in notes: don’t forget that the server well not start the deployment until you ssh in the following TCP ports are set to be open by default 22,25565 YOU NEED ATLEAST 1GB OF RAM if you rebooted the server, the minecraft server will start with screen in the root user so to manage the minecraft server after it's rebooted type 'sudo su' and then 'screen -r' If you need any help about this offer you can email us at [email protected]. We will update this page whenever we update the offer or whenever we see the offer needs more details.

OpenVPN Server Offer Details

OpenVPN Server is a VM offer that we provide on Microsoft Azure Marketplace , AWS and Google cloud marketplace . this page contain details about that offer. This offer also comes with a Test Drive OpenVPN is the most popular way to create a VPN server but it is not easy to install, so we have created a VM image that comes with a ".sh" file which will configure the VPN Server and it will run every time you log on. Important notes: If the VPN installation stops initially, you can fix it by pressing "CTRL+c" and then reconnecting to the virtual machine the Location of the VPN is the same as the Location of the VM. This VM image has the following ports opened by default [1194, 1195 for both of 'UDP and TCP' protocols] It is better to create the VM with a “static” public ip. We have made a very simple VM image that will start the VPN server configuration. ones you are logged in You can go with the defaults but it is best to set the DNS Server to to googl

Ubuntu GUI Offer Details

Ubuntu GUI and Ubuntu 22 GUI are a VM offers that we provide on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, This page contain details about our offers. notes: the recommended clients are remmina “for linux” and mRemoteNG “for windows” the default client for windows is not recommended This image doesn’t need a GPU anymore but you will need at least 2 cores and 8 GB ram, Since you will not log in as the root user, you well be asked to enter a password very frequently. If you got asked for a password you will notice that the user you’re being asked to enter the password for is not your user it is for a user called “ubuntu” so create a user and name it “ubuntu” and give it a password. You must ssh to the server using the user you configured when you created the VM and give yourself a password using the command ($ sudo passwd “your username”). The TCP port 3389 is NOT opened by default. so you'll need to open this port from your Azure portal If you need any help about this offer yo