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Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter notebook is the name of a VM offer that we provide on Microsoft Azure and AWS , this page contains informaion about that offer Our 'Jupyter Notebook/Lab' VM offering provides a robust, flexible, and user-friendly environment for data scientists, AI/ML professionals, and researchers. Leveraging the power of Azure's cloud infrastructure, this solution is tailored to meet the demands of high-level data analysis, machine learning model development, and scientific computing. Key Features: Integrated Jupyter Environment: Experience the modern, extensible JupyterLab/notebook interface, enabling seamless multitasking with a modular layout for notebooks, text editors, terminals, and data visualization tools. Comprehensive Toolset: TensorFlow & PyTorch: Dive into deep learning with these powerful libraries, ideal for building and training neural networks. Scikit-learn: Access a wide range of algorithms for classical machine learning tasks, from data preprocessing to mo