RHEL with GUI Offer Details

RHEL 9.2 (LVM) with GUI is VM offer that we provide on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, this page contains information about that offer.

RHEL is the best Linux environment, the simplest and the most secure, sadly in the clouds (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, etc) there's no GUI (Graphical User Interface) for RHEL, So we've decided to try to make a RHEL VM with a GUI and Configure it with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) so you can use RHEL with Graphical User Interface.

Important notes:

  • The recommended remote desktop clients are remmina "for linux" and mRemoteNG "for windows" the default windows client is not recommended unless you set it with the smaillest display and the lowest color depth
  • This image doesn’t need a GPU but you will need at least 2 cores and 8 GB ram,
  • You must ssh to the server using the user you configured when you created the VM and give yourself a password using the command ($ sudo passwd “your username”).
  • The TCP port 3389 is NOT opened by default. YOU WILL NEED TO OPEN THAT PORT FROM AZURE

We will update this page whenever we update the offer or whenever we see the offer needs more details


the respective trademark "RedHat Enterprise Linux" dose not belong to us


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